Links for Mp3/Download of P2BP: Please email me for comments: “”. Conversation starts @ 3:05 – Christopher and I discuss his experience in alternative medicine, diet, fitness and body therapy. We draw a lot from personal experience and intuition on different diets and our own struggles with finding balance in the polarity of Western “main stream” medicine and more alternative and holistic viewpoints on health and happiness. Lots of additional info below. Christopher’s Website: Christopher’s Podcast: Christopher’s YouTube:

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION FROM MICHAEL: Here’s some notes and additional information for everyone in regards to this episode:
1) Chris lives in Costa Rica so his connection cuts out at times. It’s not anything too terrible, but every so often there’s a volume drop.
2) I didn’t do the best job at refraining from my blabbermouth about halfway through the video lol. But this is an important and sensitive topic for me too, so there ya go. I also had a hard time collecting my thoughts because I was choosing my words very carefully.
3) Here is the link to video 26.4 in Occult Science which is where most of my “red flags” come from that I think should be at least addressed:
4) I wasn’t born yesterday, not matter how many disclaimers are given I know some people are going to get upset by this conversation and probably try to refute every point that is made about Chris’ personal opinions and observations. So to save you some time, I’m just going to do it for you; here’s links to various pro-Vegan channels (approved by my girlfriend) to help you see the other side of the coin; along with some of the appropriate links that pertain to the meat/dairy discussion in this podcast.
None of this is medical advice, just things to consider and perhaps to try if you are looking for answers to your own unique health and body requirements.
Vegan Channels/Info for Healthy Vegan Diets: (Dr. Michael Gregor – health/nutrition) –
Physicians Committee (Dr. Neal Barnard – health/nutrition) –
James Aspey (public speaker, 365 day vow of silence) –
John McDougall (Dr. John McDougal – health/nutrition) –
Mic the Vegan (science behind veganism) –
Plant Based News (all things veg) –
Avantgarde Vegan (vegan chef — amaaazing recipes) –
VegSource (lifestyle, health, nutrition) –
Farm Sanctuary (animals) –
Erin Janus (harsh realities of animal agriculture) –
Sweet Potato Soul (vegan lifestyle, how-to’s, delicious recipes) –
Hot for Food (drool-worthy vegan recipes) –
Naturally Stefanie (vegan fitness/bulking) –
Info for Healthy Meat/Dairy Diets: Weston Price Foundation:
Ramiel Nagel’s Book:
Hour 1 RIR w/Nagel:
Hour 1 RIR w/Davis:
(feel free to add any of your own suggestions on either side, but give web search key words please, I don’t have time to deal with comments and if you give web links it might end up as spam)
5) As with anything controversial, there’s a million different arguments to combat every opposing one, along with people slandering and attacking each other and being very sneaky about it. For me, I stick with what actually works in my own experience, and I know at least one thing that’s a fact: my experience will NEVER match someone else’s completely. You can show me all the research in the world to tell me to eat this or that and that I will be healthy and tell me its a FACT, or tell me it will make me feel like a unicorn flying on a rainbow… but if I eat it and feel like shit all the time, I’m sorry but something’s not right. It’s an arduous struggle to figure out diet and health in this world, so I sympathize with you all and hope you find what’s best for you.
7) I know a lot of the time the Vegan diet is very much based on the ideals of animal slaughter/cruelty issues… I get it, I don’t love the fact that in nature lions have to kill zebras etc. etc…or that we may or may not need to use/eat animal products for our sustenance… but there’s many other paradox situations we are put in. For example: the slave mining in Africa for minerals which builds so much of our technology, how many people are telling us to throw away our computers and iPhones? How many internet crusaders are aiding and abetting this practice purely on the fact that they need the technology for their channel to even exist? How many people are ordering Nike or Adidas shoes off of Amazon everyday that are made in sweatshops while running around telling other humans how they are ignorant, cruel and anti-life for some other reason? How many people were waving the Occupy Wall St. flag and saying down with American capitalism, imperialism and wealth imbalances whilst the entire continent of Africa was being dismembered because the Obama administration + Clinton, the United Nations, EU and NATO were busy taking out a leader who was trying to break away from that “evil” Petro dollar/fiat currency, unite Africa under a gold standard Dinar and help empower it with its OWN resources (all the things that truthers are constantly promoting as the “way to be”). Remember, it’s a polarity war, and when you exalt yourself under a mask of righteousness and put another under the microscope of scrutiny to weigh them in the scales of justice according YOUR championing cause, what dark secrets are you hiding that no one else is focusing on? I don’t really know the answer to deal with all these issues, and if you feel that living as much of a cruelty-free life in regards to animals is the path for you, I commend you. Just please be aware of the types of cruelties aforementioned and others like them (such as Indian slaves building the UAE’s Dubai) before you go shaming others that don’t adhere to your standards [Matthew 7:2 is a good example of this]. I’ve accepted my ugliness and complicity in all this mess, can you ? But what I CAN do is just try to be the best person I can within my given situation and resources, that’s about all one can ask for in my opinion. Thank you for listening and I hope that if debates that pop up on this thread people can be somewhat civil… not holding my breath.


Join The Higherside Chats podcast as host, Greg Carlwood, talks Big Pharma, Natural Cures, and The Sickness Conspiracy with guest, Clive de Carle.

With nutrient deficient food, toxic chemicals sprayed in our atmosphere, a tainted water supply, and the mainstream medical establishment flooding our system with prescription drugs- the quest for a symbiotic relationship between us and our environment seems more daunting as the days pass. Surviving in a system aimed at keeping us weak, malnourished, and insufficiently fueled, requires a commitment to our health and environment that has been lost throughout the last 100 years of industrialization. As companies like Monsanto and DuPont continue destroy our food supply and leave our oceans polluted, we slave away at our jobs, only to return home and fill ourselves with poisonous provisions.   Fortunately, today’s guest, Clive de Carle, joins The Higherside to help us better understand the ways we can escape our incredibly flawed system. As he puts it, “A patient healed is a customer lost”, and today’s show aims to flip the script on the mainstream medical system and re-instate our individual dominion over our health and well-being.

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This week’s included:
– dairy: pasteurized and raw
– Keifer and the power of fermentation
– untold truths about antibiotics
– the Alex Jones anecdote
– taking care of your teeth
– who’s to blame for these issues?
– updates on GC Maf and Clive’s involvement with David Nokes
– natural doctors being knocked off
– more lessons Clive learned from his farming project
– spouting organic seeds right in your apartment
– Clive’s radical revelation about the moon
– strange stories from Clive’s childhood
A few valuable resources from the interview:
– Vitamin C researcher & Noble Prize Winner Linus Pauling Institute:
– “Reverse Pneumonia in 3 Hours” on Youtube:…
– Kerri Rivera’s “Healing the Symptoms Known as Autism”:…
– Clive de Carle interviews Kerri Rivera:…
– Priscilla Dunstan’s “Dunstan Baby Language”:
– Priscilla Dunstan on Oprah:…
– Dr. William Walsh’s “Walsh Research Institute”:
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