You are currently living through the greatest time in human history. If you already know that, then this website is for you. If you don’t already know that, then listening to the people featured here in News Kids Podcasts will soon awaken you to that fact.

Once upon a time, podcasts were audio only, then they were video too, then they were unfashionable, then they became cool again, then they became Webcasts, and so on, and so forth. In essence, nowadays everything on Youtube is a webcast. So when we say Podcasts, we could mean many things. So here’s what News Kids include under our Podcast/Webcast banner …

Our aim here is to bring you the real movers and shakers of the podcast/webcast world. It’s all about the information. It’s all about the knowledge. And in a time that will be defined as the era that humanity finally awakened to the fact that everything you have been told by the institutions of the control system is a outright lie, those who are today at the forefront of the disclosure and exposure of the truth, will be those who fill the history books of tomorrow’s better society.

We feature video, and audio on video of those webcasters who provide the real information and concepts at the bleeding edge of human discovery and rediscovery – facts and ideas that will educate you; amaze you; challenge you; balance you; empower you; and awaken you to a truly new way of looking at the world and the multiverse.

The most common format of a Webcast found in News Kids Podcasts is the interview format, but there are also many amazing webcasters who never do interviews. We focus away from general news because we thought it best to devote another site or sites to that. Links to other News Kids sites will appear in due course.

This website will grow at a steady pace, and there will always be great podcasts and webcasts that we don’t feature, either because they don’t fit in with the format, or because we haven’t found them yet. Just like life in general, it’s always going to be a work in progress.

We encourage everyone to become an active member of the hidden revolution that is currently being aggressively concealed from the general populace. Trawl YouTube for new information and disclosures, set up your own webcast or promote other people’s just like News Kids do. Explore other options to YouTube, like DTube and BitChute, and always seek to create new paradigms that remove control from the corporations and the system that aims to control and disempower you.

Be bold, be bright, and be there – because you know that in years to come, someone’s going to ask you if you were!

Lastly, remember to really take time out in nature every day. We will be sharing a lot of information on this site and others regarding natural health and the murderous system of allopathic medicine and microwave industries such as cell phones, WiFi, and the military-industrial-complex. No matter how good the information you’re absorbing is, being in front of a computer screen for long will damage your health. On the other hand, taking off your shoes and socks and grounding yourself to the Earth on a beach, in a park, or in the woods will add years to your life and make everyone of those years far more enjoyable. Feeling stressed, anxious or depressed is simply a natural response to a negative environment, so remove yourself from that environment, both in your body and in your mind.

Be Happy.
News Kids

Seen those old ads where doctors recommend a brand of cigarettes?
Now consider what they’re recommending these days.
Maybe it’s time to start trusting someone else.

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Natural prevention of disease & cancer; dangers of vaccines, pharma, 5G, Wifi; frequency & energy healing …

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Social Engineering & Conditioning, Freedom of Speech, Multiculturalism, Gender Diversity, Political Correctness …

“Greg Carlwood has made The Higherside Chats essential listening for the serious truthseeker.” – NEWSKIDS


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Secret Societies, Illuminati, Symbolism, Luciferianism, Demonology …

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Illuminati, NWO Agendas, The Hidden Revolution, The Deep State, Whistleblowers, Q Anon …

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Politics and affairs in respect to UFOs, ET, extraterrestrials, extra-dimensional beings, aliens, etc. …

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Consciousness, The Afterlife, The Energy Shift, Channelling, Star Seeds …